How To Personalise Your Backpacks

I always find it annoying when you walk into school and you find someone has the same backpacks you so here are some ideas on how to personalise your bags! 🙂


Don’t you??



Idea 1

For this backpack you can get your favourite colour backpack with no logos on them r you cover the label up but you can put patches over it. If you like skateboarding you could buy a skateboard patch and it iron on letters you could write roll. you could personalise it however you like!

images (8)

Here is an idea of how you

could personalise the




Idea 2

The next idea is a bleached backpack. All you will need is a denim bag and  some bleech in a syringe all you need to do is squirt the beech randomly on the backpack and there you go.

images (9)

Idea 3

Idea 3 is that you could add a galaxy affect it by starting with a pink in the middle and working your way out with blues and purples then once that is dry add some stars.

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Idea 4

images (10).jpg Another idea is that you could

use your favourite colours to

splatter paint a backpack.

Vietnam cooking tour

While we are in Vietnam we went on a cooking tour we cooked three dishes.


Spring rolls

We mad hoisin sauce for the side and it tasted lovely!


Sizzling Vietnamese pancakes

We made rice milk with an old fashion grinder and we cooked it with shrimp and pork. Then we put it around rice paper and made a chilli fish sauce dip!






Beef noodle salad

Now this was scary after assembling it to cook the beef we had to set the pan on fire 🔥! Then we cooked garlic and onions for the top!

Hoi An

images (5)

Hoi An is full of lanterns it has got so much personality. It was a main trading port so it has been infused by many cultures like the Japaneses and the Chinese. It is near by An Bang beach which is a long open stretch water there were many places to sit and have lunch, diner, have a drink even have breakfast. The area around Hoi An also had its own food dishes such as cou lau and white rose dumplings.

images (6)

Halong Bay

images (4)

Halong bay is so beautiful all you can see are rock formations everywhere! We went on a cruise and we went kayaking, swimming and early in the morning we did yoga as the sun rose. the water was so warm! I highly recommend going there!


In Hanoi we looked at temples like the turtle temple above, the literature temple and the one pole temple.

We also went to loads on restaurants and I will tell you my two favourite!

  1. The blue butterfly 🦋 All the stag were so friendly while the design was beautiful and the food was delicious 😋
  • 2. Grandma’s kitchen The staff were kind and spoke good English and the food was nice 👍

summer must haves

Its now summer and its time to get our summer game face on, so hear I have included some recipes games and beach essentials , if you like this post be sure to like and comment so I know if should post more like this . And the question of the day is how often should I post and when are you going on holiday?  


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