Gratitude Challenge

This is were each day you say something your grateful for maybe in the comments you could add your ideas on the subjects!gratitude-rock

Day one (a friend)
The 11A’s– they are a group of wonderful girls who always makes me smile by their silly dancing, energy and smiles!👩

Day two (a food)

Sushi it’s so refreshing and tastes so good yum 😉 !!!

Day 3 (a animal)

My dog- Bali hes the best companion 🙂grateful

Day 4 (a place)

The sea side- I love the salt on my skin with the breeze!

Day 5 (a hobbies)

Netball always clears my mind and makes me feel worked!

Day 6 (nature)


Day 7 a (family member)

My sister who might be annoying but she means well .

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