Summer Ice Lollies

Strawberry Ice Lollies

250g ripe strawberries
100ml natural yoghurt (or apple or orange juice)
1 teaspoon honey

Whizz up 250g ripe strawberries, 100ml natural yoghurt (or apple or orange juice) and 1 teaspoon honey in a blender or food processor.
Taste, and add a little more honey if you think you need to.
Divide the strawberry mixture between 4 ice lolly moulds, then pop a stick into each one.
Put the ice lollies in the freezer for at least 4 hours or until solid.



Strawberry Yogurt Ice Lollies

150g strawberries
90g caster sugar
1 tsp vanilla extract
500g tub of low-fat natural yogurt
100g melted white chocolate
60g sugar balls or strands
You will also need 6 or 8 ice lolly moulds

Put strawberries, caster sugar vanilla extract in a bowl. Crush fruit until roughly broken up and the sugar has dissolved.
Mix in low-fat natural yogurt. Pour into 6 or 8 ice-lolly moulds and freeze. Once frozen, take them out of the moulds and dip tips of the lollies in melted white chocolate, then quickly dip them in sugar balls or strands. Serve as soon as they set!!


summer must haves

Its now summer and its time to get our summer game face on, so hear I have included some recipes games and beach essentials , if you like this post be sure to like and comment so I know if should post more like this . And the question of the day is how often should I post and when are you going on holiday?  


All of these are for sunnylife 


Again these are from sunnylife


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Bucket list

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HERE we gggggooooooo

  1. To go surfing
  2. To go to machu picchu
  3. to go on sailing boat
  4. to swim with dolphins
  5. to go to ularu
  6. to travel the world
  7. to go to la
  8. to go behind a waterfall
  9. take part in a triathlon
  10. to go sky diving
  11. be on TV
  12. make pasta from scratch
  13. go to bora bora 4 seasons hotel
  14. learn a new language
  15. scuba dive
  16. solve a rub-ix cube
  17. ride a camel
  18. fly in a hot air ballon





Gratitude Challenge

This is were each day you say something your grateful for maybe in the comments you could add your ideas on the subjects!gratitude-rock

Day one (a friend)
The 11A’s– they are a group of wonderful girls who always makes me smile by their silly dancing, energy and smiles!👩

Day two (a food)

Sushi it’s so refreshing and tastes so good yum 😉 !!!

Day 3 (a animal)

My dog- Bali hes the best companion 🙂grateful

Day 4 (a place)

The sea side- I love the salt on my skin with the breeze!

Day 5 (a hobbies)

Netball always clears my mind and makes me feel worked!

Day 6 (nature)


Day 7 a (family member)

My sister who might be annoying but she means well .


I love netball and I’m amazed that the English team broke records at the commonwealth by retrieving the gold medal!


I like to keep my knowledge open about netball so I will tell you some facts:

  • Netball was first created in England in 1892
  • Netball was first played at the Commonwealth Games in 1990 in Aukland.
  • Netball goal post is 3.05 metres high.
  • Netball is not a professional sport in England – most of the players have professional jobs or are students as well as training!
  • Australia has won the World Championships in 1971, 1975, 1979, 1983, 1991, 1995,1999, 2007 and 2011.


Last post I told you about my love for traveling. Well I went to Greece!!

I thought I would tell you about my travels:

I went to a small place called Tolon; during the first night having diner looking onto the beech I loved. The scenery was perfect and adding there were barely any cars in sight.


There was so much to do we weren’t bored.  We went banana  boating, we all fell of; cruses, we went to hydra and speces; boat hire, you can visit near by islands and theres loads of lovely shops!